Friday, March 4, 2011

Final Payment Offer

The final payment and interim payment offers should have started landing in gulf coast mailboxes over the past week.  I have yet to see one or here of any offers so please post your offer here to help us keep BP honest. Once you have received your final payment please stop by and  get yourself a treat courtesy of BP.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Final Payment Offers Coming Soon

The Gulf Coast Claims Facility has released some statistics about final payment offers and acceptance.  This will likely be a long and drawn out process because according to Mr. Feinberg there is a group of five individuals, including himself, that make the final decision on payment amounts.  How long will it take five people to process 500,000 claims?  Don't be surprised if you final payment offer does not show up until summer...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oil Spotted 5 Miles Off Destin Beaches

This past Saturday, February 19, we loaded up our boat in search of some large snapper, grouper, and amberjack, but before we made it to the first fishing hole we spotted something of enormous size.  It was a large brownish slick of oil approximately 100 yards wide and it extended to the western horizon.  The slick was only 5 1/2 miles due south of the Destin pass.  Unfortunately we did not take any pictures, but there was no doubt about it, it was oil.  The media has long forgotten about the gulf, and so has most of the high ranking politicians that took advantage of the incident to get some good PR.  The fact remains that there is still countless gallons of that toxic sludge floating around the gulf, and sitting on the ocean floor killing the formerly thriving ecosystem.  Luckily the fish were biting and we were able to forget about the disgusting site that we had seen just hours earlier.  Our catch on Saturday included several smaller, but healthy, amberjacks and 8 red snapper of over 14 lbs.  All were released in good health. 

Don't let BP off the hook!  They are getting tighter everyday with claim settlements with the hopes that most people will give up and take the quick payment of $5,000.  Do not fall for this fools gold they are offering.  It will take time, but if you have legitimately suffered a financial hardship due to the spill they will settle.  Good luck and keep your stories coming.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Comment as "Anonymous"

When submitting your personal BP claims experiences make sure and post the comment anonymously.  No need and giving out more info than the basics.  Stop by and check out my personal page  and use the email link if you have any questions.

Do not give up if your claim has been denied, because BP sure as hell would not have quit hounding you to make things right if the rolls were reversed.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Thanks to John Sinteur for this great photo from Orange Beach, AL.

My BP claim was denied...

Please take a few minutes to post your story and why you feel your claim was wrongfully denied.  Do not include your name, business, or any specific non-public info.  Keep it simple, for example: "I am a bartender at a restaurant 2 blocks off the beach.  I have lost approximately $300 a week since the spill."

Include what amount you asked for and what amount you received (Round off your numbers. Please do not put you were paid $12,327.15).  If denied, please include the claims facility's reasoning for denial.

Mission Statement

This blog is intended to help those gulf coast residents who were negatively affected by the spill, but have not been compensated appropriately by the Gulf Coast Claims Facility.  The inconsistency of paid and denied claims by the Gulf Coast Claims Facility is ridiculous.  It is my hope that by compiling as many verified claimant stories as possible we will all have a better understanding of why certain claims are paid or denied.